Stamped with hand carved block with home made resist paste then dyed with indigo. Must alter the paste a bit to get it a little more crisp.
Dye test with indigo and indigo foam application.
I had a blast at the #summerends festival despite it being moved indoors from flooding and crazy az weather. @fosterthepeople was so good!! Judging by how deaf and sore I am, I must have had a good time.
Green marble dye 😱🌀🌐
Experimenting with agave cactus fiber and dye. Will share some results soon.
I did some weird experiments with indigo last night. Some worked some not so much. I feel like a mad scientist of color and I like it.
Still not sweater weather here..😕 but it’s not so bad. 👗🌞
Pecan has the right idea. #wantnap
Just put up a few images from around the studio on the blogsies: karinamanarin.blogspot.com